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Could you please do one about how they would react when you told them you were pregnant :)

awww kk

so i think luke would sort of just have this shocked, blank expression on his face for a few minutes let’s get real here but as soon as he realized you were pregnant, it would hit him like a pile of bricks. he’d softly choke out “we’re..we’re having a baby…” and then his eyes would light up and he’d get so excited and he’d prob call his mom first crying and then he’d cry and call the rest of the boys and i aM STOPPING MYSELF HERE 

ashton would start tearing up the moment he even guessed what you were about to say. i think he would just hug you really tightly until you could barely gasp for air and then eventually he’d text all the boys and knowing ash he’d prob tweet something about it too and i think he’d just look online for as many parenting books as possible bc he seems the best with kids

so i think for calum he’d probably have the biggest, goofiest grin on his face and he’d hug you and rub your back and rest his head on top of yours and he’d be so overwhelmed with joy and i think he’d prob call his sister first and tell her and he’d stay up all night asking her questions about what to do and eventually mali would call you up and be like “can you tell your husband to go to sleep, it’s 2 in the morning. congratulations, by the way” bc we all know cal would be so happy he wouldn’t know where to stop

michael would cry a lot. just throwing that out there, right off the bat. and i think he’d try to play it off like he was gonna be the cool dad like “oh, i’m gonna feed my kids pizza for breakfast and let them skip school” but once he realizes it might be a baby girl he’s just gonna be like “oh my god she’s gonna be so small i have to protect her” and he’d just get v sensitive very quickly and constantly be asking you questions, whether that’s the gender or due date or idk, he’d be really curious 


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